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Average Piercing Healing Times

Piercing healing times vary from person-to-person. Below are approximate healing times for healthy piercings on most people, but keep in mind that your piercing may heal more quickly or take even longer. Continue suggested aftercare for at least the amount of time listed below for your piercing.

At the end of the healing time, twice-daily cleaning is no longer required, although once-a-day cleaning is still suggested. When your piercing is healed, jewelry can safely be changed but it shouldn’t be left out for longer than it takes to switch jewelry. Even once the hole becomes permanent it can still shrink and make jewelry reinsertion more difficult. If you like your piercing, keep jewelry in it.

Ear & Facial Piercings

Earlobes6-8 weeks
Ear Cartilage6 months-1 year
Eyebrow6-8 weeks
Nostril6 months-1 year
Septum6-8 weeks
Bridge8-10 weeks

Oral Piercings

Tongue4 weeks
Lip/Labret6-8 weeks
Beauty Mark6-8 weeks
Cheek6 months-1 year

Nipples & Navels

Male Nipples4-6 months
Female Nipples6 months-1 year
Navels6 months-1 year

Surface Piercings & Anchors

Surface Piercings6 months-1 year
Surface Anchors2-6 months

Male Genital Piercings

Prince Albert6-8 weeks
Reverse PA4-6 months
Frenum6-8 weeks
Scrotum6-8 weeks
Guiche8-10 weeks
Dydoe8-12 weeks
Foreskin8-10 weeks
Ampallang/Apadravya4-8 months

Female Genital Piercings

Inner Labia4-6 weeks
Outer Labia3-6 months
Clitoral Hood4-6 weeks
Fourchette6-8 weeks
Triangle8-12 weeks
Christina6-9 months
Clitoris4-6 weeks
Princess Albertina4-6 weeks

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