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Sheree Rose and Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine

Bob Flanagan was one of the more interesting personalities from the early body piercing scene. He was a performance artist, writer, poet, and musician, and a very public S/M practitioner. His mistress and partner, Sheree Rose, has been working with designer, artist, and writer Rhiannon Aarons to publish Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine on the twentieth anniversary Continue Reading >

Infinite Body Piercing 2016 Studio Piercing Statistics

2016 Piercing Statistics

For several years, adult video streaming site PornHub has released statistics on the viewing habits of their users. Wondering what search terms are most popular with online porn consumers? What country has the highest percentage of female viewers? Who the most-searched fictional movie characters are? How much viewership dips during the Super Bowl? Want to know how each Continue Reading >

Kali & Chris at Longwood Gardens

Chris Jennings and Kali Taylor Return

In the interim between Ed’s last day and John’s return, we will be hosting several guest piercers at Infinite. Our January guests include Chris Jennings, who will be covering the first two weeks of January from the 3-14, and Kali Taylor from the 17-28. They are currently traveling the U.S. together in an RV doing guest spots Continue Reading >

Maddie and Water-cooler Santa

Happy Holidays 2016

Happy Holidays 2016 from the crew at Infinite Body Piercing! The holiday season is a time to cherish, rejoice and reunite with our loved ones. If we’re able (and willing), we may even travel thousands of miles to come together with friends and family during these festive few weeks. Here at Infinite, we are no different; we consider each other family. Continue Reading >

Eduardo Chavarria

Adios, Amigos

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about Infinite’s new sterilization procedure. At the end of it, in an editor’s note, it was announced that my last day at Infinite would be at the end of this year. It stated that I would not only be leaving Infinite, but retiring from the piercing industry Continue Reading >