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Sexy John Logger

John Logger Rejoins the Staff

As we announced in last year’s Holiday post, John Logger is coming back to Infinite to take the position of the irreplaceable Eduardo Chavarria. The time has finally come, and John Logger rejoins the staff officially on March 1, 2017! John has quite the piercing pedigree. He began working in the body piercing industry in 2004, and in Continue Reading >


Stelarc’s Stretched Skin

  This past week, Pain Solution Media launched a fundraising campaign for the publication of a new book from suspension pioneer and performance artist Stelarc, titled Stretched Skin: Obsolete, Uncertain and Indifferent Body. Stelarc’s Stretched Skin is to focus on his suspension performances, from the very first in 1976 to the most recent in in 2012, Continue Reading >

Brian Fowler Rim Jobs 2016

Brian Fowler and Jake Hardman Return

It’s easy to get into hibernation mode when it’s cold outside, but we have very exciting news to get you out of the house: Brain Fowler and Jake Hardman return to Infinite Body Piercing in February for two weeks each. They are two of the nicest, most interesting, and fun guest piercers who come through our studio. Continue Reading >

Sheree Rose and Bob Flanagan

Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine

Bob Flanagan was one of the more interesting personalities from the early body piercing scene. He was a performance artist, writer, poet, and musician, and a very public S/M practitioner. His mistress and partner, Sheree Rose, has been working with designer, artist, and writer Rhiannon Aarons to publish Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine on the twentieth anniversary Continue Reading >

Infinite Body Piercing 2016 Studio Piercing Statistics

2016 Piercing Statistics

For several years, adult video streaming site PornHub has released statistics on the viewing habits of their users. Wondering what search terms are most popular with online porn consumers? What country has the highest percentage of female viewers? Who the most-searched fictional movie characters are? How much viewership dips during the Super Bowl? Want to know how each Continue Reading >