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Surface Piercings & Anchors

surface piercing: surface bar

Surface bar

Surface piercings and surface anchors are just what their names imply—piercings through flat, “surface” skin. They are two solutions to a problem piercers have always had: How do you get the body to “accept” jewelry when pierced through flat skin? In days past, the mantra among piercers was “If it sticks out, pierce it. If it doesn’t, tattoo it.” However, thanks to the advent of surface bars and anchors, this is no longer a hard, fast rule.

surface piercing: surface anchor

Surface anchor

Surface piercings usually refer to piercings done with a surface barbell, a variation on the straight barbell, bent into a staple shape and often flattened in the middle. Surface anchors (also referred to as dermal anchors or microdermals) are single-point piercings, with a single end visible at the surface of the skin. Which of the two will work best usually depends on the area being pierced. Check each section for a thorough explanation.

The care for surface piercings is similar to most other piercings, the only difference is that healing times can be much longer, and surface piercings can be a little trickier to keep clean. A good aftercare regimen is crucial. (Check our Surface Piercings and Anchors aftercare for more information.)


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