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Chris Jennings with map

Chris Jennings Returns

We are happy to announce that Chris Jennings returns to Philadelphia to guest pierce at Infinite from January 29 to March 1, 2016. We’ve had Chris out several times before to cover shifts, and he always brings an infectious energy to the shop—whether it’s his enthusiasm for Philly museums or his passion for our local food. Chris currently calls Continue Reading >

Yet More BVLA Press-fit Ends

Universal Press-fit Posts

We got the news at last June’s Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Expo: NeoMetal has announced they will be switching to a new line of press-fit posts that would be compatible with their 18g press-fit ends, and that newer 16g press-fit posts would no longer be compatible with their older press-fit ends. The new 16g press-fit posts are being Continue Reading >

John Logger

Infinite is Hiring

We’re sad to announce that the amazing John Logger will be leaving us mid-March. He will be taking a job at HTC in Phoenix, Arizona, to work with Infinite alum Kevin Jump. This also means Infinite is hiring again. John was a frequent guest of the studio before officially joining the staff in September of last year. Continue Reading >

Luxe Weight from Buddha Jewelry

Our Gift to You: Free Shipping

Over the last year, we have dedicated a lot of our time to building and expanding the Infinite online store. New products are added each week, ranging from custom Infinite apparel, hand-selected jewelry from the best in the business, aftercare products for all of your piercing needs, and even comprehensive body modification literature. An incredible amount of work goes into updating and improving Continue Reading >

Seth Dietz Beach Hiking

Seth Dietz Spotted in Philadelphia

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest roams a creature so elusive, no man, woman, or child has proven his existence. Legend and mystery surround him, right down to the hair on his face. Seth Dietz is not that creature—but he’s close! Welcome, Seth, our guest piercer at Infinite this December. A former coworker of mine, Seth Continue Reading >