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Studio: Infinite Body Piercing Philadelphia

Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. is Philadelphia’s premier body piercing studio. Established in 1994 and located at 626 South 4th Street, Infinite has operated in the same location for over two decades.

Here at Infinite Body Piercing we offer a full range of services, from ear piercing and simple jewelry insertion to surface anchors, nipple piercings, and genital piercings. We also have a HUGE selection of jewelry, everything from basic hoop earrings to three-inch ear plugs, from implant grade stainless steel and titanium to glass, wood, horn, and other natural materials. We stock earrings, navel bling, and everything in-between!

With very few exceptions, we are open every day of the week, and we always have a piercer on staff, if not two—and sometimes even three. If you come in for a piercing, we’ll make sure you leave with one that’s clean and works with your body and your lifestyle. We’ll give you extensive written aftercare and set you up with the cleaning regimen and products that work for you. If you’re just coming in to browse and shop, we’ll even put your new jewelry in for free.

Stop in and see what Infinite is all about.

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