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Piercing Stretching – The Basics

Stretching is exactly what it sounds like: It is enlarging the size of a piercing to accommodate larger jewelry. This can be done with any piercing. Some piercings are more difficult to stretch than others, and some require more time between stretches, but rest assured every piercing can be enlarged—some just require more patience.

Most often, when advice is given about stretching, it is centered on earlobe stretching. While these suggestions can be used for any piercing (from ear cartilage to nipples to genital piercings) you can assume unless specified otherwise we’re mostly talking about earlobes in the subpages of this section.

We have information on different methods to stretch your piercings safely, the jewelry available for stretched piercings, how the sizing system works, troubleshooting your stretched piercing, helpful tips, and FAQs. Do your research, and find out what you’re getting into before you start stretching.

Just keep in mind: if there is one word to remember when stretching, it’s patience.

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