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Press-fit Jewelry

Our press-fit posts and ends use NeoMetal‘s patented “snap-together” threadless system. Several companies make ends that fit NeoMetal’s press-fit posts, but the posts themselves are only available from NeoMetal. Posts are made solid implant-grade titanium, and the ends are available in either implant-grade titanium or 14k and 18k gold.

When buying NeoMetal press-fit jewelry from, each part is sold individually. This means to get a full piece of jewelry, you will need to purchase a post and an end that work together—but this also means you can purchase additional ends without being forced to purchase additional posts. Shopping for press-fit jewelry will require a little knowledge, as you want to ensure you get pieces that fit together properly and that the jewelry is properly sized for your piercing. For help with buying press-fit posts and ends, check our shopping guide.