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Tiara Richardson

Tiara Richardson
Tiara Richardson was born and raised in Philadelphia. She briefly attended Arcadia University, as a biology major, with intentions to travel abroad and become a veterinary technician. Ironically, on one of her last (and looking back, most pivotal) days of the semester, Tiara opted to get pierced at Infinite rather than attend classes. (The idea of a fresh nostril piercing was far more appealing to her than the psychology of romantic comedies.) Unfortunately, her time at Arcadia was to be short-lived, and she withdrew from her studies after only half a semester. From there, Tiara endured a slew of lackluster retail jobs until she joined the Infinite team in August of 2014. Since her first piercing, Tiara’s understanding of body piercing—as well as other forms of body modification—has grown tremendously, and blossomed into a love for the art. As a member of the counterstaff, Tiara enjoys sharing as much knowledge as possible to make sure that clients feel confident and comfortable with their decision to get a piercing. Tiara’s favorite form of modification are large-gauge cartilage piercings, even though she doesn’t have any of her own… yet.

When Tiara is not fulfilling all of your jewelry needs behind the counter, she is a part-time nanny, a bookseller, and a student of computer science at Montgomery County Community College. During the interims between work and classes, reading, writing, hiking, baking, jogging or almost any other sport are among Tiara’s cherished activities. If you see Tiara at the shop, feel free to chat with her about that 4g conch piercing you want, bison, lemon curd cupcakes, and coffee. Better yet, save the conversation and just bring the coffee.

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