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Dustin Spence

Dustin Spence
Dustin Spence was born in New Jersey, and has been working at Infinite since 2013. Dustin has been seriously modifying himself since 2008, when God spoke to him and She told him he must modify his body. His first piercing (other than his lobes) was a septum piercing. After this he started learning about the history of modern body modification and the people that came before him that opened the paths that lead him to where he is today. Part of what he loves about his body modification journey is traveling to get new work and meeting new people. As a result, he has acquired various forms of body modifications from artists all over the world.

In his free time Dustin enjoys creating art. He enjoys working on various projects from painting and sculpture to crochet and other crafts. Over the past year, Dustin has grown a strong interest in quilting. (He feels that in a past life he must have been very involved with needle work.) When Dustin is not sewing (and often when he is) he is probably watching his favorite genre of TV, as his love for teenage dramas may outweigh anything in his life. Anything pre-2006 is his jam, but he can sometimes get down with some newer shows.

Dustin would categorize himself as a hopeless romantic wandering the galaxy searching for his one true love. If you see Dustin in public and he doesn’t say “Hi,” don’t take it personally.

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