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Andi Grushka

Andi Grushka Infinite Body Piercing
While not involved directly with the body piercing industry until her work at Infinite, Andi Grushka has been on the fringes of the body modification community for many years. She was first introduced to body piercing when she was an underage kid sneaking into fetish clubs in Atlanta in the mid ’90s, where she first saw suspension performances. Over time, she became friends with the performers and found her way into the fetish community. After moving from Atlanta to New Orleans, Andi’s best friend was a piercer at Ring’s of Desire, Elayne Angel’s legendary studio in the French Quarter. After Hurricane Katrina, Andi moved to Philly with her friend who accepted a job at Infinite. Once in Philadelphia, Andi decided to study music, as she had already been playing in bands in New Orleans, writing songs since she was a child, and she has an extensive history performing choral music with large, professional ensembles. She was accepted into the Boyer College of Music and Dance, but found that she really missed writing and telling stories. After a semester off from school—and a fantastic trip to the BMX conference in Essen, Germany—Andi transferred into an arts program, and completed a degree in filmmaking and media studies with a minor in photography from Temple University. 

Andi currently works in media and web development and is a blogger for several websites. When not involved in other creative projects, Andi  helps to oversee web operations and digital marketing for Infinite Body Piercing.

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