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Oral Piercings

Oral Piecings: Lip Piercing and Nostril PiercingOral piercings are any piercing in or around the mouth. These include piercings of the lip (lip, labret, philtrum, and beauty mark), tongue, and cheek. There are also smileys and piercings of the lingual frenulum, in addition to the notorious—but rare—uvula piercing.

Oral Piercings: Labret PiercingOral piercings require particular care, so be sure to check out our aftercare section for what to do during healing. Since oral piercings pass through mucous membranes, jewelry must be worn at all times, even after the piercing is healed. While a few rare individuals can leave lip or tongue piercings without jewelry and have them stay open, if you like your piercing, keep jewelry in it.

Oral Piercings: Lip PiercingJewelry for all oral piercings must be longer in the beginning to account for swelling. Once the piercing is healed, shorter, more fitted jewelry can (and should) be worn. This is after about four weeks for tongues and six to eight weeks for lips. Cheek piercings will often need several different jewelry changes during healing. Since our jewelry is sold in parts, this often means you must only purchase a new post and not a whole new piece.

For more detailed explanations, go to the section for each piercing (in the navigation bar above).

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