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Male Genital Piercings

Genital Beading & Ampallang Piercing When trying to decide which male genital piercing is right for you, you should first ask yourself a few questions: Am I looking for something decorative? If so, a scrotum piercing may be the one for you. Would IFrenum Piercings & Scrotum Piercing prefer something more sexually functional? If yes, a Prince Albert or frenum may be a good choice. Is it more for your enjoyment or for your partner—and, if for your partner, what exactly do they like? What type of sex do you most engage in? How do you masturbate? And do you plan on acquiring multiple genital piercings—now or in the future—or is this your one and only?

Reverse PA & Apadravya PiercingOnce you have an idea what style or sensation you desire you can use the navigation menu (above) to locate additional information on each particular type of male genital piercing. You can also Prince Albert & Guiche Piercingcheck out the general male genital piercing FAQ page for commonly asked questions, or peruse our gallery (right) to help you decide what piercings will look the best for you and/or your partner. Lastly, don’t hesitate to stop in and talk to us (or to have a consultation) if you still have questions. We’re here to help!

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