:: Nipple Piercing FAQ ::

Does it hurt?

Yes, but not as much as you would think. Women are especially surprised that it is not half as bad as they expected (often less painful than a navel piercing!). It's kind of like getting bit really hard.

Is there any reason I shouldn't get them both done at the same time?

That depends. If you are healing and caring for one, it is just as easy to be dealing with both at the same time. Get it over with, so to speak. Also, at our shop you do save some money if you get both done in the same sitting, rather than coming in for separate visits. However, if you get them done separately you still have one to play with while the other one heals. So you have to decide...

Will they show through clothing?

Depends on whether or not you want them to. Your choice of jewelry and of clothing will dictate this one. Barbells with small balls can be less noticeable (or invisible) under tight clothing. Rings may give you that “double nipple” effect with skintight duds. For women, padded bras (and Miracle bras) hide most jewelry. But then again, it is a shame not to show them off! You can always get extra balls (smaller or larger) for your barbells, depending on your moods.

Which is better, a ring or a barbell?

For men, either will work, unless you play contact sports and need a barbell. For women, it depends on your nipple/breast shape. Read over the main Nipple Piercing text for more info. Feel free to stop in for a free consultation with a piercer if you’re not sure what shape yours are.

Can small or inverted nipples be pierced?

In almost all cases, yes. If your nipple stands out when it is played with or cold, then it can be pierced. If it is very small, you may be limited on how thick the initial piercing will be. But nipples often grow once pierced, so the piercing can usually be stretched after healing. If your nipples are so inverted or flat that they will not come up even when tweaked, your jewelry would most likely grow out, and we do not recommend piercing.

Will I lose sensation after the piercing?

Actually the opposite. The nerves in your nipple are very spread out, not in only one bundle, waiting to be severed. [Frankly, we would not be doing this piercing if that were a likely possibility.] If the piercing is placed correctly and done with appropriate jewelry, you should gain sensitivity. After all, these piercings became popular, and have remained so, because they not only look sexy; they feel great!

Can women still breastfeed after piercing their nipples?

Absolutely. Piercing your nipples will not affect your ability to breastfeed. Your body evolved with the intention of being able to reproduce and feed your offspring, no matter what. It has covered the angles. You have many many milk ducts in each nipple, not just one central channel which could be blocked. (Imagine a sponge, rather than a synthetic bottle nipple.) Your milk ducts can also reroute themselves if faced with an impediment, much the way capillaries or streams will divert around a blockage. Women who have had their nipples pierced may even have a lower incidence of infections, irritation or scar tissue from breastfeeding, probably from increased blood flow and hygiene, and simple toughening up.

If you do opt to do both (pierce and nurse), you can leave your jewelry in for feedings, take it out every time, or let them close and repierce after weaning. If you leave the jewelry in, you will want to wear barbells and make sure the balls are tight before each nursing session. A suckling baby can actually suck the bead out of a captive ring and choke. Of course you want to avoid getting pierced if you are currently nursing or think you may be pregnant. You want your piercings to be fully healed before the little one goes anywhere near them, and getting pierced while pregnant is never recommended.

If you want more info on this particular topic, feel free to email Megg, as she breastfed little Nemo after several years with 4g holes.

Does piercing one side or the other mean I’m gay?

What are you, still in 7th grade?