:: Male Genital Piercing FAQs ::

Do genital piercings hurt?

Yes, but not any more than other piercings do. They may look scarier, but they're just as easy to sit through. Most of the tissue you are piercing is actually quite soft and thin, so it offers little resistance to a sharp needle. Of course the degree of intensity will vary depending on the person getting pierced, your state of mind, and which piercing you get.

Which piercings hurt less?

You never want to choose which piercing is right for you based on how much you think itÕs going to hurt. Granted, an ampallang or apadravya may not be the one to get if youÕve never been pierced before, but don't avoid the piercing you want because you think you can't sit through it. Others have, and you can.

Do I have to shave before my piercing?

No, but it can help. Piercings through the shaft aren't affected by shaving, but scrotum or guiche piercings can be a little easier to heal without hair getting tangled in any scabbing. Shaving also makes marking the piercing a little easier (and therefore gets you done faster!). If you shave during healing, make sure to keep any shaving cream or hair clippings out of the fresh piercing.

What should I do to prepare myself?

As always, eat a good meal within 4 hours before getting pierced, and make sure there aren't any drugs or alcohol in your system. Make sure you've slept enough the night before and aren't under a lot of stress (or hung over). Give yourself a good bath or shower. (This isn't necessarily for your piercer (though they will thank you!), but to help you feel more comfortable with your pants off in front of a (friendly!) stranger.)

Do I have to be erect during the procedure?

No. Even during marking, the piercer should be able to determine how much extra space jewelry will need for erection and any normal swelling you may have during healing.

Which piercing will give me the most sensation?

That depends on the type of stimulation you're looking for. For urethral stimulation, the Prince AlbertÕs the way to go. The frenum can give extra feeling to the sensitive underside of the shaft. The guiche gives external prostrate stimulation (and who doesn't like that?!). The ampallang and apadravya provide a different feeling altogether. Different strokes for different folks, so to speak.

Which piercing will my partner like most?

That depends on a lot of things. Which is better for oral sex? The PA and frenum can be yummy, while the ampallang and apadravya can sometimes get in the way (unless your partner has a very large mouth). For vaginal sex? The PA and apadravya are good for G-spot stimulation. Several women we know swear by the pubic for clitoral stimulation during face-to-face penetration. And a large central scrotum ring can provide clitoral stimulation for Òdoggy-styleÓ sex. Many women find the ampallang uncomfortable during vaginal penetration. For anal sex with men? The PA, apadravya and reverse PA can provide prostate stimulation, depending on the position during sex. Other sex? YouÕre going to have to experiment with your partner! (We can't give you all the answers!)

Is there a chance I could lose sensation?

No. Nerves in the penis are plentiful (obviously!). You have as much chance of losing sensation from properly done piercing as you do developing hearing problems from an ear piercing.

Can this affect my ability to have children?

No. These piercings do not penetrate any part of the genitals involved in sperm production. Even scrotum piercings are only penetrating superficial layers of skin, not the actual sac.

Do I have to abstain from sex during the entire healing?

No, but you do have to be smart about it. You'll know when youÕre ready for sex and when youÕre not quite there. You'll want to listen to your body and respect its limits. Sometimes this is several days, but more often several weeks. If you do have sex before healing is completed, use a condom and make sure you are fluid safe for everything--including oral sex! This is true even if you are monogamous with your partner. (Everyone has different bacteria natural to their body, so you can pick up an infection from your partner during healing even if you normally have unprotected sex.) This can force you to be more creative during sex, but thatÕs the point, isn't it? Remember, sex isnÕt just about putting your cock into something!

Will the Prince Albert, ampallang or apadravya affect urination? (i.e. Do I have to sit down to pee?)

Maybe. With initial jewelry, the effect is usually little more than an extra dribble, meaning you simply need to stand over the toilet instead of back from it. Stretching to larger jewelry can definitely redirect the stream a bit more. The bigger the jewelry, the more you'll have to practice.