:: Princess Albertina ::

Once the subject of a bitter debate of tastes, this little beauty is becoming more and more popular as more women discover the joy of urethral stimulation!

The Princess Albertina, as its' name implies, is the female counterpart to the Prince Albert piercing. The PA enters the urethra (the opening between the clitoris and the vaginal opening) and goes through the thin membrane between the urethra and the top wall of the vaginal canal.

The placement makes this a tricky piercing to perform, and its rarity makes it difficult to find a piercer with the experience to perform it. That said, the search is well worth it. Women who get them find them exceedingly arousing, and in a way they often cannot verbalize. The pain of the piercing is minimal and (speaking personally here) the orgasmic dividend can be incomparable.

Jewelry is usually a 10g captive, with a diameter small enough to be unobtrusive during vaginal penetration...although said vaginal penetration also puts delightful pressure on the ring, and causes it to rotate in the piercing, thus stimulating nerves in the urethra.

Unless you have already enjoyed urethral play, it is difficult to determine if you are a candidate for this piercing. You should probably give it a try first before taking the piercing plunge. If you want more information of female urethral play, check future postings on our site or e-mail us.

:: Procedure ::