:: Female Genital Piercing FAQs ::

Does it hurt? Which piercings hurt less?

Contrary to what you might expect, most female genital piercings are among the easiest piercings to sit through and to heal. Because the tissue being pierced is so thin and soft, the needle slides right through. And due to the copious blood supply (note the darker color of the skin), the area heals very quickly too--often in just a couple weeks!

That said, some piercings will obviously be easier to handle than others. Inner labia, clitoral hood, fourchette and Princess Albertina piercings tend to be extremely manageable. The tight collection of nerves in the clitoris and clitoral shaft make the clit and triangle piercings very intense. We don't recommend these two be your first genital piercings. Outer labia and Christina piercings tend to heal more slowly and feel more like a bruise during healing. But none of these are beyond your ability to handle if you want them.

Which piercing will give me the most sensation?

For most people, some of these piercings are very stimulating, while others are mainly aesthetic. However, since we all like different types of play, the results will vary. But in general, inner and outer labia piercings are largely decorative, though lots of weight on inner labia piercings can feel good, and may also help pull your clit out from under your hood. Clitoral hood piercings are a great choice if you want lots of sensation with relatively little pain investment. But do remember that the horizontal hood piercing does not usually give nearly as much of a thrill as the vertical. (See the [Gallery] description section for more details.) The Princess Albertina can open the door to a whole new kind of orgasm if you like urethral stimulation, but probably isn't for everyone. And the clitoris and triangle are definitely the queens of erotic stimulation if you are up to them. It doesn't get any more intense than this!

Can I choose a male or female piercer?

Certainly. We have both men and women on staff, usually at least one of each on any given day. If you prefer a particular piercer, you can always call ahead to find out our schedules. None of us will be offended if you have a preference. Remember, this is your piercing. We want you to feel comfortable, and to create an experience you'll enjoy.

Do I have to shave before the piercing?

No. With the possible exception of the outer labia and Christina piercings, hair will not affect the piercings at all. Even with these two, you don't have to shave, but getting hair caught on the jewelry or in the discharge during healing may annoy you. If you prefer to shave, by all means go ahead. Just be sure to keep shaving creams and hair clippings out of the piercing during healing!

Is it ok to get pierced during my period?

Yes. We're all adults; there's no reason to feel awkward about it. Bear in mind, though, you may bleed a little more than normal (which is not much) and/or be more prone to dizziness. Nothing serious, just side effects of the chemical changes that go on in your body just before and during your period. Definitely make sure to eat before hand (to keep your blood sugar steady) and avoid anything that thins your blood (like alcohol, aspirin, Tylenol or caffeine).

Does urine affect the piercing?

No, not really. It may sting a little the first couple times you pee, but usually nothing drastic. If it bothers you, you could squirt warm water on the piercing while you urinate (grab a little plastic squirt bottle), or squirt the piercing off afterwards with sterile saline or Sensitive Ears. As far as germs from your urine, no worries. Your urine is actually sterile to your own body, so it has the same effect on your piercing that warm water would.

Do I have to abstain from sex for the entire healing period?

No, but giving yourself some time off will definitely make you heal faster. If you can avoid any kind of play for the first two weeks, you will be a long way towards healed on most of these piercings (excluding only the outer labia and Christina). If you abuse them from the get-go, they may take 6 weeks or longer to heal and feel good.

More than anything, you need to keep them fluid-safe. This means condoms and/or Dental Dams (or Saran Wrap, or another germ-proof barrier) for oral or penetrative sex. Even if you are monogamous! (Since everyone's body has its own natural bacteria levels, your fresh piercing can pick up an infection from your partner even if you normally share fluids.)

You may want to keep a bottle of Sensitive Ears or sterile saline by the bed to squirt off your piercings afterwards, just to be on the safe side. (Plus, it feels really good!) And you may want to experiment with different positions. (e.g. face-to-face penetration may pinch fresh inner labia piercings, but doggy-style may feel just fine!) With fresh hood, clitoral or triangle piercings, if you use a vibrator, turn it down the first time you use it!

Is there a chance I can lose sensation?

If these piercings are done properly, no. If you get a clitoral or triangle piercing from an unskilled or uneducated piercer, you are putting yourself at risk. Because of these piercings' proximity to essential nerve bundles, they must be done with utmost care and knowledge. Do not trust your orgasms to just anybody! If you are considering these piercings, make sure your piercer has the experience to perform the procedure. Ask how many he/she has done, and what the results were. Ask to see his/her portfolio, and know what you are looking for. If you are thinking about any of these piercings, get educated first. Make sure you know what you want and why. Then take your time finding someone with whom you feel comfortable to do the piercing. It's your body; you're worth it.

How do I know which piercing is right for me anatomically?

Here's another spot where a good piercer can be of service. Even if you're not yet ready to get pierced, a consultation may be helpful. Your piercer can take a look at you and tell you which piercings might be compatible with your body. Everyone's body is different, and not all coochies are the same. All the pieces (labia, hood, clit, etc.) can vary dramatically in size and shape, and not all women have all the parts in any quantity. Some women have virtually no inner labia, or have very flat outer labia. Or their clit may be large and visible, or petite and tucked away. All kinds of variations are possible. So not every woman can get every piercing. Your piercer can help you choose.

Before you consult your piercer, though, you may want to spend some time with a mirror. Get familiar with your own stuff. See what you’ve got. What kind of jewelry would you like to see there? The descriptions and pictures under each respective link above, can help give you an idea of what may or may not work with your anatomy. And as any piercer will tell you, it's always a pleasure to work with a woman who knows her own cunt.