:: Clitoral Hood ::

This is definitely the most popular female genital piercing done in our shop. It not only looks great, but it has a good chance of making the wearer feel great. It is as easy to sit through and heal as inner labia (notice the similarity of the skin texture and color), but can be more titillating, particularly when played with. However, rumors about spontaneous orgasms from walking, etc. are probably exaggerated, or at least generally confined to the first few days. This piercing won't change your life; it just may make it a lot more fun.

Hood piercings can be done either horizontally or vertically, depending on the anatomy of the piercee. Although similar in concept, each way has a different procedure and different recommended jewelry.

The horizontal hood piercing lays flat to the body, placed so the bead of the ring rests over the clitoris, with sensation caused primarily by the weight of the bead on the clit itself. To be anatomically suited for the horizontal, you must have a hood which extends out past the outer labia when your legs are closed. In other words, the outer labia must not cover or squeeze in on the hood when you close your legs. Otherwise, the ring can twist, which makes healing arduous or impossible, encourages the piercing to heal crooked (diagonally), and is generally very uncomfortable. (In some cases, an oval ring might alleviate some of these difficulties.)

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