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Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing

Horizontal Clit Hood Piercing & Fourchette PiercingThe horizontal clitoral hood piercing is exactly what it sounds like: a piercing through the hood above the clitoris, horizontally. This piercing is usually done with a ring as, ideally, the bead from the ring will rest against the clitoris, providing stimulation for the wearer.

The horizontal clitoral hood (HCH) piercing is different from it’s similarly-named counterpart, the vertical hood piercing, in its orientation (one is horizontal while one is, obviously, vertical). While every female genital piercing is anatomy-dependent, the horizontal hood piercing requires a very particular anatomy: the hood must protrude out far enough that the ring is allowed to stay flat when the legs are closed.

One test to determine if your anatomy will support this piercing is to stand up straight, with your legs closed, and look down at the hood. Is it still visible? If not, you may not be the best candidate for a horizontal hood piercing. If the hood is too small or too hidden inside the folds of the outer labia, the ring tends to twist, which makes healing arduous or impossible and encourages the piercing to heal crooked—and is generally very uncomfortable.

When in doubt, stop in and see us. We can give you a consultation, take a look at your genital anatomy, and let you know if we think this piercing will work—and if not, what piercing is right for you.

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