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Founder & President

    • James Weber, photographed by Andi Grushka
    • James Weber

      James Weber fell in love with body piercing in the late 80s after discovering Gauntlet and PFIQ magazine while studying jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of the Arts. After several years of practicing on himself and friends, he started piercing professionally in 1993 (shortly before receiving his BFA), founded Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. in James Weber’s Bio Page


    • Eduardo Chavarria
    • Eduardo Chavarria

      Eduardo Chavarria’s journey into the world of piercing began in January 2001 with a very intensive apprenticeship in Houston, Texas at Taurian Piercing and Metals. His hard work, perseverance, and love for the craft led him to many of the nation’s top studios, and allowed him to work with many well-renowned practitioners. Some of the Eduardo Chavarria’s Bio Page

    • Andru Rogge
    • Andru Rogge

      Andru Rogge was born and raised in Alaska and spent his formative years in Ketchikan, a small island town in the southeastern part of the state. He has been piercing since 2007, or as he sees it, assisting others in their personal growth and “beautification through modification.” Andru’s motivation to become a piercer came directly Andru Rogge’s Bio Page

    • Robert Chambers
    • Robert Chambers

      Robert Chambers has worked at many studios in several countries before settling in at Infinite. He started by hanging out at Eternal Images in Utica while his dad was getting tattooed—before he was even old enough to get any work done himself. He worked at Stay Local Tattoo & Piercing in Denver, Co (where they evidently still do the Harlem Shake), Robert Chambers’ Bio Page

    • Zach Fitzgerald Piercer
    • Zach Fitzgerald

      Zach Fitzgerald’s earliest experience with piercing was pretty common: The year was 1996. The world was realing with the news of Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorcing, theaters were selling out tickets to blockbusters like Independence Day, boomboxes blasted “Tha Crossroads” by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Zach was officially inducted into the cool-kidz club (“First rule Zach Fitzgerald’s Bio Page


    • Maddie Akers
    • Maddie Akers Profile

      Maddie’s appreciation for body modification began when she was just a kid, when her older sister introduced her to punk rock. She remembers seeing photos of all of her favorite bands from the ‘70s and ‘80s, and was transfixed by pictures of her idols adorned with rings, chains, and safety pins through their skin. As Maddie Akers Profile’s Bio Page

Counter Staff

    • Dustin Spence
    • Dustin Spence

      Dustin Spence was born in New Jersey, and has been working at Infinite since 2013. Dustin has been seriously modifying himself since 2008, when God spoke to him and She told him he must modify his body. His first piercing (other than his lobes) was a septum piercing. After this he started learning about the Dustin Spence’s Bio Page

    • Tiara Richardson
    • Tiara Richardson

      Tiara Richardson was born and raised in Philadelphia. She briefly attended Arcadia University, as a biology major, with intentions to travel abroad and become a veterinary technician. Ironically, on one of her last (and looking back, most pivotal) days of the semester, Tiara opted to get pierced at Infinite rather than attend classes. (The idea Tiara Richardson’s Bio Page

    • Stephanie C. Kernisen
    • Stephanie C. Kernisan

      Stephanie C. Kernisan is a Southern transplant who originally hails from North Carolina. A beach kid that grew up in Wilmington, NC, Stephanie has enjoyed body modification and performance art for as long as she can remember. As a very young girl she covered her arms and legs in marker drawings and would use clip-on Stephanie C. Kernisan’s Bio Page

Behind the Scenes

    • Jessica Rae
    • Jessica Rae

      Jessica Rae has worked in the piercing and tattoo industry since early 2008. She spent six years at Adorn Body Art in Portland, Oregon, where she was originally hired as counter staff and eventually transitioned into a managerial role. There she learned the ins and outs of the business while building a solid foundation and connection with her fellow Adorn family. In the Jessica Rae’s Bio Page

    • Andi Grushka Infinite Body Piercing
    • Andi Grushka

      While not involved directly with the body piercing industry until her work at Infinite, Andi Grushka has been on the fringes of the body modification community for many years. She was first introduced to body piercing when she was an underage kid sneaking into fetish clubs in Atlanta in the mid ’90s, where she first Andi Grushka’s Bio Page

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