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Why Infinite?

You have a lot of choices when searching for body jewelry online. Why shop Infinite?

Infinite Body Piercing, Inc. was founded in 1994, and we opened our retail location on February 1, 1995. For twenty years we’ve been the premier East Coast destination for quality jewelry and body piercing services. All our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers, so the studio and all piercers adhere to the APP’s standards for membership. Any jewelry we use at the studio follows not only Philadelphia standards for initial piercing jewelry, but APP standards as well. James Weber, Infinite’s founder, was involved in the drafting of both the Philadelphia body art regulations and the APP’s revised standards—so we not only follow the standards, we help draft them.

Why is all this important to anyone buying jewelry from us online? We don’t sell anything in our online store that we won’t sell out of our studio. This means that when you order from us you are getting the best jewelry available anywhere.

We only stock jewelry from the most reputable vendors, whether it’s initial piercing jewelry from Anatometal, Industrial Strength, or NeoMetal; high-end hanging designs and weights from Maya Jewelry, Diablo Organics, or Tawapa; or the best in gold and precious stones from Body Vision Los Angeles. We stock the best in small-production handmade jewelry as well, such as stone plugs from Relic Stoneworks, Stone Witch and Stone Demuhn; one-of-a-kind pieces in steel from Reign Custom Design, and handcrafted wood from Bishop Organics. We deal with vendors from all over the worlds, like Quetzalli in Mexico City, Gorilla Glass in Oaxaca, and Eleven 44 in Australia. It’s all in one place, in our online store.

Not familiar with buying body jewelry? We can help. With our shopping guides we’ll answer questions on everything from jewelry sizing to putting your new jewelry in. Shopping for body jewelry can sometimes be daunting, so we’re here to help. Online or in real life, we’ll work to make your shopping experience an easy one. Our orders are sent out safely, securely, and promptly. We give you the same experience online that we’ve treated our studio customers to for the last twenty years: the best.


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