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Stephanie C. Kernisan

Stephanie C. Kernisen
Stephanie C. Kernisan is a Southern transplant who originally hails from North Carolina. A beach kid that grew up in Wilmington, NC, Stephanie has enjoyed body modification and performance art for as long as she can remember. As a very young girl she covered her arms and legs in marker drawings and would use clip-on earrings to adorn her ears and face, then she would subject her family to performances of her favorite songs from the ’90s. She continues to do such things as an adult, but has more permanent body decorations via tattoos and piercings. She is the youngest of three children and regards her friends and family as her biggest inspirations to continue to pursue her interests in the arts.

Outside of the body modification world Stephanie has worked as a writer, director, and actress on both stage and screen. She has a bachelor’s degree in media studies with a focus on film & video production and a minor in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her greatest loves include her cat, Xander Mews, Netflix, HBO, writing, handmade skincare, and karaoke. She is currently struggling to finish her first novel, a semi-autobiographical story of a young mixed girl growing up queer in the South. The manuscript is about 75% of the way done with over 220 pages written so far. If you want to see her sigh and shake her head, definitely ask her about it in the shop. Otherwise, she would be very happy to help you pick out some amazing jewelry from BVLA, LeRoi, or Maya. 

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