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Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers has worked at many studios in several countries before settling in at Infinite. He started by hanging out at Eternal Images in Utica while his dad was getting tattooed—before he was even old enough to get any work done himself. He worked at Stay Local Tattoo & Piercing in Denver, Co (where they evidently still do the Harlem Shake), before settling in at Sideshow Tattoo & Piercing in San Diego to hone his skills. He spent time at The Shamans Den in Binghamton, New York, and then a short time at Urban Art Tattoo & Piercing in Phoenix. Robert then made the move to Sydney, Australia, where he worked at Stone Heart Body Art with Joeltron while studying heavy modification work with Luna Cobra.

Robert became interested in body modification at a very young age, and remembers National Geographic programs on television being a big influence on him —especially the ones featuring indigenous cultures and their practices. His interest in body art crossed over in the last several years into a passion for bodybuilding, which he considers the most extreme form of modification. Outside of piercing, Robert spends his time trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Inspiring people and helping them reach their physical goals is a passion of his that applies to all of his interests, from bodybuilding and personal training to piercing and heavier body modification.

Robert regularly geeks out by reading neurobiology blogs, watching lots of anime, and gaming on the Xbox one. (His gamertag is “Twinstrike.” Add him!) He watches lots of old movies (the new ones aren’t as good), and is cultivating a recent obsession with arachnids.

Robert is also available for heavy modification work, and can be reached by emailing him at the address below.



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