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Raphea Hill

Raphea Hill
Raphea Hill was born in South Philadelphia. From the age of 10 she has been influenced by goth and punk rock; dancing to Linkin Park in the living room with her brothers is one of her fondest memories. Early on, Raphea found a deep love for Japan in the form of Visual Kei, a genre where men dress in flashy outfits with done-up hair and make-up, and play rock music. While modeling herself after the genre, and alternative culture in general, she decided to get her first piercing. When she asked her mother to get the piercing, her mother searched the city for a reputable piercing shop and found Infinite—which became the only place she would go for all of her piercings over the next eight years, and counting.

There has never been a time where Raphea hasn’t lived with a cat in her home. Even though she is currently the mother of a 1 year old German Shepard, she loves cats! Her favorite animal is the Lynx and she wouldn’t mind being a cat lady when she lives in a home of her own.

Raphea is a nature-loving person. She loves taking photos of flowers, sitting by the river, and digging in the sand. She plays the bass, loves art, and also has an obsession with antiques, the victorian era, the architecture of cathedrals, and the color blue. Stop in and chat with her about Japan!

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