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Maddie Akers

Maddie Akers
Maddie’s appreciation for body modification began when she was just a kid, when her older sister introduced her to punk rock. She remembers seeing photos of all of her favorite bands from the ‘70s and ‘80s, and was transfixed by pictures of her idols adorned with rings, chains, and safety pins through their skin. As a teen, Maddie discovered, and it was this discovery that nurtured an already growing love of body modification and taught her about its history. Being exposed to all of these new ideas further fueled her own desire to modify herself. Maddie’s first significant piercing she had done was her labret, at 15 years-old. She fondly remembers the experience as a significant right of passage. It gave her a sense of control over her body, and showed her what she was capable of.

After graduating from Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School in 2008, Maddie moved to Philadelphia for a brief stint at Temple University and at the Community College of Philadelphia. It was at this point that she discovered Infinite Body Piercing. Maddie started as a frequent customer of Infinite, adding more to her collection of piercings, jewelry, and knowledge about the industry. After a short time it became apparent to her that she had found a community she could call her own.

In addition to body modification, Maddie also has a passion for recording collecting, video games, and playing bass guitar. Come by the shop and talk to her about Frank Zappa and alien conspiracy theories.

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