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Guiche Piercing

Prince Albert & Guiche PiercingAccording to Doug Malloy in The Art of Pierced Penises, the guiche (pronounced “geesh”) piercing has its origins among young males in the South Pacific, specifically Tahiti. Unfortunately, like the rest of Doug’s creative piercing history, there seems to be no evidence showing this to be true, and the guiche’s origins are more likely in the gay BDSM subculture of the late 70s and early 80s.

The guiche is a scrotum piercing that is placed along the perineum in the space between the back of the scrotum and the anus. Initial jewelry selection and aftercare is the same as with a traditional scrotum piercing, but healing can be a little more difficult because of it’s location. This can also be a tricky piercing to heal for men who spend most of the day sitting or who spend a lot of time on a bicycle, motorcycle, horseback riding, or live in a hot, humid environment.

Piercing location is important, as a properly placed guiche should provide stimulation to the wearer. The best placement roughly corresponds to the location of the prostate (the male G-spot) where the tug of the jewelry’s weight can do the most good. (Your piercer can help you find the best spot for your piercing.) This can be a very sensual piercing regardless of your sexual orientation, and can also be fun for your partner to play with—after it’s healed, of course.


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