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Dydoe Piercings

Dydoe Piercing & Hafada PiercingDydoe piercings are a type of male genital piercing which pass through the ridged edge on the head of the penis, also known as the coronal ridge. They are usually done in pairs, though the dydoe—in general—is not a very common piercing. (It is extremely anatomy-dependent and the wearer must have a very flared glans to even attempt it. This piercing is also not recommended for uncircumcised men.) Even if the wearer is anatomically suited for this piercing and proper aftercare guidelines are followed, there is a chance the piercing will migrate out during healing—or even afterward.

Curved barbells tend to be best for this piercing, during and after healing. (The overall length should be short enough to create a snug fit and the beads on either end should be small.) While 14 gauge curves are sometimes used, 12 gauge barbells tend to be a better choice, as they stand up to the stress this piercing endures and lessen the chance of rejection.

If you are considering this piercing, please come in the shop and talk with one of our piercers. They can see if you are anatomically suited for this piercing and help you determine if it will work with your lifestyle.

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