:: Frenum ::

This is many men's first genital piercing, as it seems less intimidating than the PA and is less intense than many of the head piercings. It has a classic look and lends itself well to multiples or "ladders," both on top and bottom of the shaft. (The sides are possible too!)

The traditional frenum goes through the loose mass of skin on the underside of the penile shaft, below the frenulum. The piercing should go through the area of abundant fleshy tissue an inch or so from the glans and not, as it is often erroneously placed, through the too thin webbing of tissue between the glans and shaft. The piercing can then be repeated (with appropriate spacing) the length of the shaft, on any/all sides, until you run out of room.

Placement of the traditional frenum is important, since this is usually one of the more sensitive areas of the penis. An effective frenum piercing can increase the sensation of the wearer (not to mention that of their partner(s)!).

Initial jewelry for the frenum consists of a barbell of at least 10g. Thinner jewelry may tear the skin during sex, or may increase the chance of the piercing rejecting (growing out). The barbellŐs length is usually about 5/8Ó but can vary. Another (post-healing) option is a ring large enough to flip over the glans, but small enough to be held in place in back of the coronal ridge during erection. (Essentially a built-in cock ring) If this is the desired result, you may want to place the piercing slightly forward of the traditional placement.

Healing time is approximately 6 - 8 weeks.