:: Inner Labia ::

The inner labia (or "inner lips") are the hairless folds of skin that extend from the bottom of the clitoral hood to surround the vaginal opening. Piercings here are usually very easy to sit through, since the skin is so thin and soft. They also tend to heal very quickly (2 - 4 weeks) as the area is rich in blood supply (notice the darker color of the skin) and is designed to take abuse (sex, childbirth, that sort of thing). They sometimes bleed a little initially, and may swell in the first few days. Soaking in warm salt water baths will work wonders here, and will also soothe pain and itching, and speed healing. (Take care to use sea salt or kosher salt, as the sugar in table salt may lead to yeast infections.)

You may want to avoid riding bikes and/or wearing thongs, body suits or tight jeans for a couple days. Sex is not prohibited, but you will probably heal faster if you abstain for two weeks or so. (You could also try new positions that don't hit the piercings!) Do what is comfortable, and if you do overdo it, hop back in the bathtub. Above all, make sure you are fluid-safe--even for oral sex, even if you are monogamous. See the Aftercare :: genital section for tips on care and healing.

While the inner labia piercings are generally more aesthetic than stimulating, some women find the jewelry rubbing against the inside of the opposite labia turns them on. And the weight of the rings pulls your labia down (and feels good), making them more visible, and perhaps also making your clit more pronounced.

Recommended jewelry is a 12g captive ring. Thinner than this might tear the soft skin, especially when played with. The weight of a ring thicker than 12g might delay healing and be more sore. Once the piercing is healed, the skin tends to stretch very easily if you want larger jewelry. But because the skin so elastic, barbells and circular barbells are not a suitable jewelry choice since the balls may pull through the skin.

Inner labia piercings can be done singly, but also look great in pairs. However, we don't recommend trying to heal two close together on the same side at once. The skin in between them tends to get pinched and swollen. Try instead healing one on each side, or the first and third if you want three on one side. The only limit on the number of piercings is the size of your inner labia. Some of our favorite women have six or more!