Furthermore, if your clit is tucked under your hood (i.e. you can't see it without pulling your hood back), you won't get too much sensation from the horizontal piercing. Your hood will come between the bead and your clit, dulling the stimulation. The piercing may heal fine and be aesthetically pleasing, but if you want to feel it, you might be better off with the vertical.

The vertical hood piercing is a better choice for many women's anatomy and arousal. The piercing can be done with a ring, but we find healing and sensation better with a barbell. A circular ring must be large enough in diameter to go from the top of the hood to the bottom, and will then stick out from the hood this same amount. Thus, the ring in a vertical piercing will stick straight out from the body like a navel piercing. If the wearer has a large hood (and therefore a large diameter ring) or wears body suits or tight pants, the ring may be twisted sideways, causing it to heal crooked, scar, and/or hurt. (Again, an oval ring may serve well here.)

Barbells, on the other hand, lay flat to the body, so are more compatible with tight clothes. They are often much more stimulating as well. If done correctly, the bottom ball of the barbell rests against the clitoris, while the top ball and shaft of the barbell put pressure on the clitoral shaft. The larger the balls or thicker the jewelry, the more you feel!

The length of the barbell will vary with the individual, generally between 3/8" and 3/4". (Hoods are dramatically different sizes from woman to woman!) The thickness should be at least a 12g, as thinner jewelry may tear the skin, grow out more easily, and doesn't give much sensation. A 10g can also be used, especially with a vertical barbell, and the extra weight may further increase stimulation. Again, excessively heavy initial jewelry may delay healing, but after you are healed, the bigger it is, the more you feel!

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