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Princess Albertina Piercing

VCH Piercing & Princess AlbertinaOnce a subject of debate in the piercing community, the Princess Albertina is becoming more popular as more women discover the joy of urethral stimulation.

This piercing is the female counterpart to the Prince Albert. With this piercing, the ring enters the urethra and exits through the bottom, about 3/8″ back from the urethral opening and into the opening of the vaginal canal. As it sits nestled deep in between the inner labia, and doesn’t interfere with any other existing genital piercings.

Jewelry is usually either a 10 gauge or 8 gauge captive bead ring with a small enough diameter to be unobtrusive during vaginal penetration. The piercing does stretch easily once healed, so it’s not uncommon to see 6 gauge or even larger jewelry in this piercing. Inserting thicker jewelry makes for a stronger piercing and can also increase stimulation to the wearer.

With the positioning of the jewelry, vaginal penetration puts pressure on the ring and causes it to rotate in the piercing, stimulating nerves in the urethra. Women who get them find them exceedingly arousing—often in a way they often cannot verbalize. The pain of the piercing is minimal and the orgasmic dividend can be incomparable.

This piercing is easy and quick to heal, but it is not too forgiving to those who “cheat” on their healing by having sex too early. As a rule, you must wait at least two weeks after getting this piercing before any sort of penetrative sex. There also seems to be an increased risk of urinary tract infections during healing, but this risk disappears once the piercing is healed. This means drinking lots of water during healing, along with cranberry juice or cranberry supplements. As the piercing is flushed out constantly during urination, cleaning is usually minimal and consists of a gentle saline rinse several times a day. Soap for aftercare is far too harsh for this one.

The placement makes this a tricky piercing to perform, and its rarity makes it difficult to find a piercer with the experience to perform it. If you’re interested in having this piercing done at Infinite, please call ahead to ensure there is a piercer scheduled with experience with this particular piercing. And if you haven’t yet experimented with urethral stimulation and play, you may want to look into it and experiment before deciding on a female PA piercing.

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