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Fourchette Piercing

HCH Piercing & Fourchette PiercingThe fourchette piercing is placed where the inner labia meet, at the underside of the vaginal opening. In order to even consider this piercing, you must have a pronounced (or “punchable”) lip of skin that is well suited for jewelry—and this is not true for everyone. Therefore only individuals with a certain type of anatomy are able to get, and heal, a fourchette piercing.

Starting jewelry is usually a 12 gauge or 10 gauge captive bead ring.  Curved barbells may also be used, but since this piercing tends to enlarge over time (like inner labia piercings) larger ends would need to be used to keep the jewelry from slipping through the piercing channel.

Triangle Piercing & Fourchette PiercingFourchette piercings tend to heal quickly, though their location can make the first few weeks difficult. Sitting puts pressure directly on the piercing, as do tight jeans, g-strings, and bicycle riding. We suggest you keep sexual activity to a minimum for the first several weeks—specifically, you should avoid any vaginal penetration. That said, once the piercing has healed many people (and their partners) enjoy the sensations from this piercing, as the jewelry rolls inside the vaginal opening during penetration. However,  caution (and fluid safety) is suggested until the piercing is fully healed.

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