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Bridge Piercing

bridge piercingOne of the more intense facial piercings, bridge piercings tend to draw a great deal of attention to one’s gaze, and they are not recommended for anyone concerned about being discreet about their pierced persona. (It takes a certain type of person—one with a bold personality—to sport a bridge piercing. )

The actual piercing passes through the loose skin above your bridge, not through the bony part of your nose, and between your eyes. Since it is essentially a type of surface piercing, like the eyebrow, it is often prone to migration or “growing out.” The procedure is usually bridge piercingperformed using a 14 gauge or 12 gauge straight barbell, and takes about eight to ten weeks to heal. While we recommend all clients wear balls on the end of their barbells, at least for the initial healing period, gemstones or spikes are an option after healing—for a more intense or intimidating look.

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