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Facial Piercings

For many, facial piercings are the first step to discovering the bigger world of permanent body modification. Nostril piercings don’t turn heads the way they used to, and eyebrow and septum piercings are not a rare sight either. It’s no longer uncommon to encounter people with visible piercings in professional environments that would have been unheard of in previous decades.

That being said, make sure facial piercings work with your lifestyle, both socially and professionally. While there are options for making your piercing look more discreet after healing, there’s no good way to hide a facial piercing during the healing process. Jewelry cannot be changed for at least eight weeks for some piercings (lips, for example) and six months for others (nostril piercings), and it is usually a year or more before you can leave a piercing empty, and even then many facial piercings will often not stay open without jewelry. Retainers will work for some piercings after the healing period, but it’s recommended you first make sure your job or school or living arrangements don’t depend on your face being jewelry-free.

While most facial piercings heal relatively easily, the extended healing times of nostrils—for example—do mean a certain level of commitment to aftercare. Make sure you have the time to commit, and be aware that even if you take the piercing out later you will probably be left with a small indent where the piercing was.

But don’t be afraid to take the plunge. A facial piercing is often the first big step toward saying, “This is who I am; deal with it!”

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