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  1. John Logger Rejoins the Staff

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    Sexy John LoggerAs we announced in last year’s Holiday postJohn Logger is coming back to Infinite to take the position of the irreplaceable Eduardo Chavarria. The time has finally come, and John Logger rejoins the staff officially on March 1, 2017!

    John has quite the piercing pedigree. He began working in the body piercing industry in 2004, and in 2008 completed his apprenticeship at High Priestess Piercing in Oregon. He has worked at many prestigious studios across the U.S., including Enigma and Apogee in Southern California, Nomad in San Francisco, and Iris Piercing in Salt Lake City.

    Kevin ump and John Logger bromantic embraceWhen he first joined the staff at Infinite (after doing numerous guest spots), John came to us from Apogee Body Piercing in San Diego. We had been attempting to lure John to the East Coast for several years, but between his time at Apogee and his trips to Kovalam, India to study yoga with David Garrigues, his dance card was already quite full. We finally convinced him to make the move to Philadelphia, and he joined the staff in September of 2014.

    Unfortunately, John’s nomadic ways got the better of him, and in March of 2016 he left Infinite (and Philly) to accept a job with HTC in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s worked there with Infinite alum Kevin Jump for the last year—until Philly called him back again. Almost exactly a year after heading west, John will be rejoining the Infinite staff. While we’re happy to be able to steal John back from Kevin, we’re a little sad to break up the incredible bromance we’ve seen blossom over Instagram between the two of them. They are kindred spirits, and I know as excited as we are to have John back, he will be missed in Phoenix.

  2. Stelarc’s Stretched Skin

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    Stelarc suspending over Ear on Arm sculptureThis past week, Pain Solution Media launched a fundraising campaign for the publication of a new book from suspension pioneer and performance artist Stelarc, titled Stretched Skin: Obsolete, Uncertain and Indifferent Body. Stelarc’s Stretched Skin is to focus on his suspension performances, from the very first in 1976 to the most recent in in 2012, including the collaborations with Håvve Fjell and Wings of Desire in 2012 and 2013.

    Here at the Infinite Body Piercing blog we’ve profiled several noteworthy and worthwhile fundraisers over the last several years. Many of these were started by people in our community who are working to document and/or preserve the legacy of our industry, and we’ve encouraged our readers to join us in contributing to these projects. PS Media’s first three books were gorgeous publications for anyone interested in sideshow performance (and suspension) as an offshoot of body modification, and this one promises to be another amazing addition to any body modification enthusiast’s library—and is absolutely worth supporting.


  3. Brian Fowler and Jake Hardman Return

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    It’s easy to get into hibernation mode when it’s cold outside, but we have very exciting news to get you out of the house: Brain Fowler and Jake Hardman return to Infinite Body Piercing in February for two weeks each. They are two of the nicest, most interesting, and fun guest piercers who come through our studio. Both Jake and Brian were here for their first time in 2016, and we are very happy they were both brave enough to face a Philly winter in order to work with us again.  (more…)
  4. Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine

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    Sheree Rose and Bob Flanigan photographed by Michael Del SolBob Flanagan was one of the more interesting personalities from the early body piercing scene. He was a performance artist, writer, poet, and musician, and a very public S/M practitioner. His mistress and partner, Sheree Rose, has been working with designer, artist, and writer Rhiannon Aarons to publish Bob Flanagan’s Book of Medicine on the twentieth anniversary of his death. They are fundraising to finish the project, and are close to reaching their goal. We’re contributing, and we’re urging everyone to help fund it along with us. The deadline is January 24, 2017, so there’s not too much more time to ensure a piece of body piercing history finally sees publication.

    In the project’s video, Sheree describes The Book of Medicine:

    “Bob was a wonderful poet; A lot of people don’t really recognize that. He was more famous for nailing his penis to a board, but that was just one small part of him. His poetry meant a lot, and his idea was to do an alphabetical… like a book, like a dictionary…. from A to Z, and everything would be sort of ideas that he had, life experiences, sort of like a biography, an autobiography, but slightly abstracted. So it has poems in it, it has sonnets in it, it has his complaining… it has everything in it, everything from A to Z.”

    And yes, Bob was well known for nailing his penis to a board. (more…)

  5. 2016 Piercing Statistics

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    Infinite Body Piercings 2016 Piercings vs. InsertionsFor several years, adult video streaming site PornHub has released statistics on the viewing habits of their users. Wondering what search terms are most popular with online porn consumers? What country has the highest percentage of female viewers? Who the most-searched fictional movie characters are? How much viewership dips during the Super Bowl? Want to know how each of last year’s Presidential debates affected porn viewing in the United States? It’s all in PornHub’s 2016 Year in ReviewRegardless of your attitudes or tastes regarding adult films, it is fascinating to see a snapshot—albeit from a single, English-language adult site—about adult video viewing habits worldwide. In this spirit, we decided to take a look at our own 2016 piercing statistics for the services we offer at the studio. While we don’t have access to the tremendous user data and demographic breakdown that PornHub does, we can easily break down the number and type of services we provided in 2016 through our POS system.

    First, it’s important to note that new piercings aren’t the only service we offer; we change jewelry and stretch piercings for clients, free of charge, regardless of whether the original piercing was done at our studio. (Just tip your piercer!) It’s a continuing service for our returning customers, and a bit of outreach to customers we haven’t pierced—at least not yet. As a result, we did a whopping 4,062 jewelry insertions and piercings stretches in 2016. That’s 338.5 jewelry insertions per month, a little over 78 per week, and on average over 11 per day—and that’s in addition to clients we see for piercings. In 2016, 32% of our services were jewelry insertions, with piercings making up 68% of what we did last year. (more…)

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