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  1. Brian Fowler and Jake Hardman Return

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    It’s easy to get into hibernation mode when it’s cold outside, but we have very exciting news to get you out of the house: Brain Fowler and Jake Hardman return to Infinite Body Piercing in February for two weeks each. They are two of the nicest, most interesting, and fun guest piercers who come through our studio. Both Jake and Brian were here for their first time in 2016, and we are very happy they were both brave enough to face a Philly winter in order to work with us again.  (more…)
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  2. Chux Time and Jake Hardman Visit

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    Chux Time at waterfallsIn October of 2016 we have two amazing guest piercers who will be filling in for Ed and Andru while they are away on much-deserved vacations. First, we are very excited to welcome Chux Time back to Infinite. Chux (Oscar Martinez) will be piercing from October 5 to October 25. Chux is a long-time friend of Ed’s, and through his several visits to Infinite he has become a welcome addition to our regular cast of guest piercers.

    Chux started piercing when he was sixteen years-old while living on the South Side of Chicago alongside his best friend Juan Felix. While piercing the neighborhood kids—mostly young and Latino, who only knew gangs and the streets—Chux and Juan Felix aspired to think and live differently. Since then, Chux has acquired fourteen years of piercing experience, honing his skills in various Chicago-area studios before settling in at Topnotch Tattoo in Elgin, Illinois (made famous by Inkmaster Cleen Rock One). Chux recently left that studio and has been focusing on traveling a guest spots, and we’re happy to be able to have him for two weeks here in Philly.

    image1 (3)Next, Jake Hardman will be joining us at Infinite from October 28 through November 17. Jake is the owner of Drift Piercing Studios in Eustis, Florida. By way of introduction, Jake writes, “I am basically a muppet that came to life. Born and raised in Florida, I started my piercing career in 2009 and haven’t looked back. Piercing has taken me all over the country, from Portland, Oregon to Grand Rapids, Michigan and back to Florida, where I now own my own studio called Drift.  I spend most of my time outdoors swimming in springs with local wildlife or at the beach. I take full advantage of living where many vacation.” This is Jake’s first time guesting here at Infinite, so please stop by and help us welcome him to Philly!


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  3. Hika Ingebørg Kierkenupp Visits

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    Hika Ingeborg KierkenuppHika Ingebørg Kierkenupp, body piercer and self-described cyborgmaker will be a guest at Infinite Body Piercing from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17. Hika is from Berlin, and will be traveling through the United States on her way to the annual Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas the last week in July. She’ll be here for the weekend, following our piercers around and seeing how we do things here in Philly.

    Hika Ingeborg Kierkenupp with clientHika writes, “I consider myself a feminist and philosopher, and live vegetarian (mostly vegan). I basically spend most of my free time baking cookies while listening to audiobooks and speeches—all while trying to keep my cats from doing a mess with the rest of the house. Oh. And horror movies; if people want to get distracted from their nervousness before piercing, just get me started on talking about splatter films—and I won’t ever stop! I even wrote a paper on the depiction of the 21st century through the topic of the epidemic zombie!” Hika recently completed a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and literature, so there are plenty of topics she can cover while making you feel comfortable during your piercing. (more…)

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  4. Brian Fowler Visits

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    Brian Fowler PiercerWe are thrilled to announce that Brian Fowler from Brand X Tattoo & Body Piercing will be guest piercing at Infinite June 10 through 20. Brian has been an Association of Professional Piercers member since January of 2014, and has been a volunteer working on the social media committee for a year and a half. After his piercing apprenticeship, he bought into the piercing side of Brand X in 2010. Brian then began upgrading the piercing side of the studio, and was able to make the changes necessary to meet APP standards.

    Brian loves working with other piercers, and traveling for guest spots. Has has done guest spots at Slave To The Needle in Seattle, Adorn Body Arts in Portland, and Goodlife in Akron, Ohio, where he has learned different perspectives on the industry and made lasting friendships.
     Brian Fowler Piercer and wife
    “What I love about the industry is it feels more like a family, and that I’ve finally made it home. I love the endless possibility with jewelry and making people feel beautiful! Cheesy, I know.
    “Body piercing saved my life. I was an active drug addict for several years. One day I decided I needed a change. I got clean and put all my free time into learning how to pierce. I have been clean now for almost 8 years. All thanks to the opportunity I was given to work at Brand X!”
    Outside of piercing,  Brian enjoys spending time with his family, playing in his punk band, Lost Socks, and being a better bowler than his nemesis, Johnny Velez!

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  5. Jussi Paradise Returns

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    Jussi Paradise outside in the snow, with toothbrushStraight outta Helsinki, Finland, Jussi Paradise returns to Infinite Body Piercing. He will be piercing from Friday, May 6 through Monday, May 9, 2016. Jussi is also co-owner (with tattoo artist Kalle Koo) of Paradise Tattoo & Piercing. Jussi is more than just an accomplished piercer and body modification artist. He is a performer and world traveler. He is part spider, can deadlift the weight of a large bear. You may also recognize him as the handsome cover model to Infinite’s printed aftercare.

    Jussi Paradise in the bathtub getting tattooedJussi started learning about piercing in 1999,  and he began piercing professionally in 2003. His older sister was a body piercer when he was growing up, and according to Jussi, “I thought that her piercer friends were so cool. So, I started to hang out more and more with them and got sucked in.” In 2003 he rented a chair in a piercing shop in Helsinki. He worked there for two years, learning as much as he could, meeting all different kinds of clients, and in 2005 he decided to use his skills to open his own studio.

    Also a performer, Jussi has an extensive background with suspension. “I think my specialty is body suspension, I like hanging people from hooks. I’ve been doing this for a bit over 15 years and have hung hundreds of people. I do some heavy bodmods also, tongue splits and implants. My own tongue was split fifteen years ago. It was the first split tongue in Finland.

    “I started doing solo shows around 1999 and in 2000 I met Circus Mundus Absurdus, the legendary Finnish freak group. I joined the group in 2001 and was a member to the end, until 2007. Since that time I have been involved with few different groups and done some solo shows too.”

    Despite living all the way in Helsinki, Jussi has done several guest spots at Infinite. He is a sweet-natured guy with a great sense of humor, and we are excited to have him back again.


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